Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Prince Group, Executive of Prince Holding Group, successfully fulfilling a corporate social obligation and offered USD500,000 to Head administrator Hun Sen to help the setbacks who encountered the flood. In view of considerable rainfalls since the focal point of October, various locales in Cambodia experience the evil impacts of genuine floods, and a large number of people have been affected. PM Hun Sen conveyed his appreciation towards the liberal blessing made by Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Prince Groups and moved toward more responsibilities and endowments to the flood setbacks from the whole society. The business exercises of Prince Group Cambodia have been reached out by Chen Zhi Prince Group to consolidate various regions of banking, cash, land improvement, and the movement business. Chen Zhi has in like manner been dynamic in the responsibility of the local Cambodian social class with his business work other than his business works out.

Chen Zhi Prince Group is presumably the best mix in Cambodia, with associations spreading over different ventures including land improvement, banking, cash, flight, the movement business, collaborations, development, food and beverages, and lifestyle zones. All through the long haul, Prince Land Magnanimous Establishment Association has dispatched more than 240 helpful events with blessings of resources and supplies worth over 7.65 million US Dollars, benefitting more than 300,000 people. Chen Zhi Prince Group has changed Prince Group Cambodia into Cambodia's driving blend since he wandered up as leader of the group. It sticks to overall standards and places assets into Cambodia's future with duties to viable vital methodologies. Getting more data here.

Prince Group Cambodia, under the authority of Administrator Chen Zhi Prince Group, made responsibilities of US$500,000 to the close by volleyball coalition before the 2019 Ocean Games. These cash entireties helped with supporting getting ready and contention activities of preparation. In July 2019, Prince Group Cambodia made sponsorship a visit to Fujian, China. They upheld 21 Cambodian players to go through a heightened planning program suffering 2 months. Around US$100,000 was contributed by Prince Group. The Cambodian player group was in like manner upheld to visit Thailand for competitions. Regardless, the improvement of wearing execution is a long-time prior run effort which to this end, a refined volleyball mentor from China has been utilized to set up the public group in Cambodia for an extremely prolonged stretch of time.